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Kevi Kelly’s video in youtube is about the prediction of the web, exactly of the next 5000 days of the web, has had a lot of views and has been used in some university research. The main consequence qe can take form it is that ina few years, maybe earlier tha we may think, we are going to be part of the web and the web part of us as well, as consequence of the huge development that the Net is suffering.

He says that the web is 5,000 years old, and that about 10 years ago, anyone could imagine that it would be so big. How could we think that we would be able to see a satellite image of the Earth through the web? And how is it so powerful? It’s a machine that has never been broken down. It’s been running for 5,000 without stopping. That something any machine could do before. And, moreover, there are billions and billions of clicks everyday, trillions of links… the memory the machine needs is huge. Incredible. We can even compare it to our brain, with a little difference: our brain doesn’t double its capacity every two years, and the web does. This means, as Kevin Kelly says, that “by the year 2040 the total processing of this machine will exceed the total processing power of humanity in all bits and stuff”.

In a few years, everything will be part of the web. And it will be more and more intelligent every day. It will know everything. If we put “Pacifica” on the Internet, it will know we’re talking about a place. How can a machine do that?
And scarier than that, it will have our personal details. We will be transparent. What if we forget our telephone number? No problem, Google will know it.

So, Kevin Kelly thinks that in some years, we will be the web. We will be part of  “The One machine“. We will be the One.




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